31 August 2006

The New Man for The New World Order

When some unsavoury things happen in some remote places, people start guessing the reasons or assigning blame without adequate data. This is precisely what happened to The Age reporters who, besides creating a screaming headline UN acts to stamp out sex abuse by staff in East Timor, haven't really checked the situation in depth. It was easy to say:

For years the United Nations attempted to cover up perverted and outrageous behavior by uniformed and civilian personnel who have served in East Timor since 1999.

Or even:

The report revealed that peacekeepers left behind at least 20 babies they had fathered to Timorese women who are now stigmatised and in some cases ostracised by their communities.

This is just simple and straightforward reporting of mundane facts. After all, bring a few hundred soldiers into a place with a hot climate, feed them lots of high protein food and here you are - so what else is new? As the Jewish saying goes, the most important thing is that the babies be healthy...

But the really crucial fact that may have direct bearing on the world's future hides in the following text:

...and in 2001, two Jordanian soldiers were evacuated home with injured penises after attempting sexual intercourse with goats.

This is the turning point and this is were the dark designs of the UN with its black helicopters and jackbooted thugs are focused now. It is true that the current control of the world belongs to the Elders and our trained reptilians*. But some UN apparatchiks are still trying to wrangle the control out of our hands. To achieve this, they have decided to breed a New Man for their miserly NWO dream. Pitiful, but this is life, and we look at it with indulging (but wry) smile. At least for now. We fully understand that this

is the dream of all UN empoyees, but we also know for a fact that the ages old quandary of sticking this:

on that:

remains unsolved, and all the UN think tanks are stuck so far on that problem. Besides, what are the chances of the most hardy breed UN can produce against our reptilians, that are able (for one example) to sit unblinking through 5 hours of Fidel's speech?

But we must give the UN people their due - they are a stubborn lot. We understand that right now they are contemplating to continue with the man / goat plan, raising the ante to about 12,000 UN soldiers in south Lebanon. Knowing that there is no shortage of goats, we wish them luck in this endeavor. In any case nothing good is expected from this bunch, so maybe they will be able to make some progress with that project, at least...

Oh, and regarding the injuries (see the case of Jordanian soldiers) - the article we quoted above adds another piece of information:

A resolution passed last Friday by the UN Security Council urged countries sending personnel to East Timor to conduct pre-deployment awareness training about sexual exploitation and abuse of the local population.

UN has to make sure that the training includes a short lesson on the identification of the female goat and how it differs from the male one.

(*) David Icke has it almost right, he just does not understand the technicalities. For instance, the reptilians are not really live creatures - they are androids that came to the planet Earth with us many millennia ago. They do procreate, but not via some inefficient biological process.