11 August 2006

Only in Israel

Channel 10 evening news.

US and France are in agreement (again) on the text of the UNSC resolution, after an update that was to pacify the Arab League delegation. Israel seems to get royally fucked. No real international force on the border, no real control of weaponry coming into Lebanon from Iran via Syria, no guarantee that Hizbullah is going to be disarmed. Probably the same story to be repeated in a few years...

A lively discussion of political commentators whether the last minute decision to extend the ground forces incursion was a ruse to stop the Lebanon bickering on the text. If so, was it a brilliant spin by Olmert or just a coincidence?

First guesses of what will happen after the war. A commission of inquiry into some intelligence and military failure? A war of generals? Who should bear the blame this time - Udi Adam, the general of the Northern command? The CoS?

Yes, and lest we forget - the commission of inquiry should also deal with the general unpreparedness of the north's civil defense. The shelters, the food supply, the logistics, the evacuation...

The smiling face of that regiment commander from the stretcher, blood and grime mixed on it, sticking a two-fingered "V" into the camera. One of the vital blood vessels in his neck got cut by a bullet or shrapnel, and the paramedic had to press his hand down on his neck all the way to the hospital to save his life.

Weather. A calming voice of the weather girl. At least here nothing unexpected. It will become one or two degrees chillier for a day or two. Then it will become one or two degrees warmer. Otherwise as expected, do not prepare your umbrellas, folks, it's all the same. Summer.

OK, that's advertisement time now. Same old new shit.

Now a James Bond movie starts without warning. View To A Kill. A ticker tape with dates, times and places for the funeral of the guys killed during the last few days is running through the whole movie. Thankfully, no familiar names, but each time another name comes up it is a second of tension...

Another week.