17 August 2006

Three dots to connect

Visiting my fellow bloggers, following the blogroll we have accumulated during the short life of this blog, becomes more and more time consuming. But who complains - every minute spent reading these blogs is a pleasure. This time should be taxed as luxury goods, on par with single malt and tobacco. OK, I should not go into this...

Three different bloggers posted on three, seemingly different subjects.

Nuno Guerreiro of Rua di Judaria asks in his post Other Wars, why it so happens that human tragedies of vastly larger scale than the one caused by the last Lebanon war cause vastly less consternation in certain circles? A picture of Chechen capital Grozny or what was left of it is attached.

Well, Nuno, we could be asking that eternal question till we are blue in the face, but we both know that no answer is expected, don't we?

Shuggy of Shuggy's blog reflects on a piece of garbage written by Martin Jacques - professor, writer and broadcaster, but chiefly columnist in the Guardian. Let's see what it is the learned professor comes up with this time:

Indeed it is impossible to explain Israel's attitude towards the west on the one hand and its Arab neighbours on the other without understanding its racial character and motivation.

Shuggy disposes of this quote simply and elegantly:

This for Jacques is the "root cause" of the problem. Their "long-term future", Jacques argues, "lies in viewing their Arab neighbours as equals and seeking to live with them in peace". The notion that Israel's Arab neighbours have an obligation to recognise their right to exist is mentioned in the usual "of course" throw-away manner.

There is more in Shuggy's post, but there is one point I would like to raise here: Since when is it acceptable and politically correct in the progressive leftist circles (that's Guardian, of course) to talk about "racial character"? Unless it is a spillover from the Der Sturmer, of course...

Shane of The Shane Life reports on an "anti-war" demo, offering the following photo:

Yep. It is not Beirut or Tehran, ladies and gentlemen, as you may have thought, it's the lovely San Francisco. (There is more on that demo here, enjoy if you must).

So - three posts, three different stories, and it's quite easy to connect them. Isolate (like in Nuno's post), differentiate (like in Shuggy's post) and start the preparations for the next pogrom (like in Shane's post).

There is one small difference these days, though, folks. It's called State of Israel (Zionist Entity for some of you). Keep it in mind.