07 August 2006

The Elders have been caught again. So what?

Many gullible bloggers and media outfits have been celebrating the victory over Al Reuters in the unfortunate case of Reuters photographer Adnan Hajj doctoring a picture of Beirut under attack.

The Reuters news agency admitted Sunday that it had published a doctored photograph of Beirut after an Israel Air Force strike on Saturday morning. In the original image, thin smoke can be seen rising over the Lebanese capital, but in the second photograph, thick, black smoke can be seen billowing over the buildings.

Being of generally friendly disposition, we, the Elders, do not want to piss on anyone's parade. But the truth must out, and we just have to make it clear that Adnan Hajj is in no way to be blamed for the whole hullabaloo. As our junior operative of good standing, he was merely following his orders. Which orders were clear and explicit: to replace the clearly seen image of our secret giant reptilian that we, the Elders, have unleashed on Beirut, by a cloud of non-threateningly looking smoke. Here is the original picture that Adnan had to doctor:

Under normal operational conditions, the reptilian is completely invisible. But due to some dietary problems that caused an unusually strong bout of flatulence, which, in turn, damaged the invisibility mechanism, the reptilian became visible briefly.

Our sincere apologies to Reuters, and we promise to take care of Adnan Hajj and his future.

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