10 December 2006

Yes, the Man is a genius!

And we all thought that making Lieberman a minister is a stupid move. Lieberman/Shmieberman, you said. Me too. But now I can see it clearly, since the wasps' nest is all abuzz:

Iran's parliament chief on Wednesday criticized the latest decision of the Israeli government to create a new ministry that deals mainly with Tehran's nuclear issue, the official IRNA news agency reported. "This move of the Zionist regime has no value and meaning", Gholam Ali Haddad Adel was quoted as saying when asked to comment on the Israeli cabinet's Sunday decision to set up the ministry for strategic affairs.
Gholam is, probably, translated as Golem, since he cleverly ads some words, absolutely contradicting himself:
Furthermore, Adel also accused Israel of acting against any event that would display Iran's power, according to the IRNA report. "Even before the Zionist regime created this ministry, it clearly wanted to slow down the pace of Iran's progress," Adel said.
Do you see the beauty of this plan?

While the villain (on the left) is trying to outguess where the knuckle sandwich of our hero (on the right) will land, here comes our savior

and delivers a crashing kick on the villain's nadgers! With a stout army boot. All left to do is to skin, scalp and cook the villain.

So all of us who suspected that the Man doesn't come up to scratch should apologize. Now!