19 December 2006

How do you answer this one?

From the myriads of search strings that the Internet waves leave on our shores, this one immediately drew my attention:

Click to enlarge

Due to consensus reached by the members of the team here to avoid the use of the F-word (that's "fuck" and all its derivatives) if humanly possible, I cannot repeat the whole question, so here it is in a censored version:

"f...ing jews control everything?"

I mean, what? If you, people, do not easily detect here a cry of a lonely soul exhausted by the yoke of the Zionist world domination, you are a heartless SOB or even worse: yourself a member of the said group.

We here, Zionism notwithstanding, feel touched by this outpouring of grief and desperation from a lonely denizen of a Floridian swamp. So, upon some internal consultation, we have decided to find something on the planet we do not dominate yet.

Projected response time - 3 days. Watch these pages!



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