25 December 2006

MadHaiku blog

bloggers and dead
say only good about
or you are in deep shit

That was my poor attempt at the extremely challenging Japanese form of poetry called haiku. I know I am light years away from being any good at it and anyway, knowing my place in the world, I prefer tanka - it gives you a better swing before your knuckle sandwich connects.

But here is this guy calls his place MadHaiku, and I highly recommend him. His place, that is.
First of all, he seems to be a programmer or an ex-programmer: the capital H in the site moniker is a dead giveaway. Then, he knows his stuff. Then - he is humble:

haiku for dummies (not you per se)

haiku is easy
one word after another
no rhyming needed!

We already have a disagreement on the issue of Jack Daniels, but this gap could be bridged.

try to say something
while counting fucking syllables
but his haiku good
so why dontcha read his blog?
what the heck, blogroll him now...