14 December 2006

For the sake of accuracy

BBC reports (no, totally without any traces of bias, so stop your knee-jerk complaints!):

Hamas judge killed in Gaza Strip

A prominent member of the Palestinian militant Islamic movement Hamas, Bassam al-Fara, has been killed in the southern Gaza Strip.
Then some more details are added:
Mr Fara, who was also a judge, was shot while on his way to a courthouse where he worked in the town of Khan Younis.
And more, piling together the various occupations of the versatile Mr Fara:
As well as being a judge, he was a Hamas military commander.
No wonder, then, that somebody decided to solve the confusion once and forever. After all, who wants to sue the military wing of Hamas for dropping a Qassam on his house by mistake (happens all the time in Gaza) and argue his case before a judge, only to discover that His Honor himself was one of the rocket scientists?

That action will make the next court appearance somewhat more relaxed, as it is made clear by the following:
Fatah spokesman Tawfiq Abu Khoussa rejected Hamas accusations that his group was behind the attack. "The brothers in Hamas must be accurate and not fire accusations before the investigation," he said.
So it was all for the sake of accuracy. No questions, then.