21 December 2006

Walking the Appalachian Trail for Israel

Two obviously nice folks, Shlomo and Chava from Plano Texas, decided to walk the Appalachian Trail for charity purposes. The gist of their purpose is:

Walking for Israel was created by Shlomo and Chava in support of the vision of Meir Panim. We believe that Tzedakah can create a bridge of tolerance and understanding; generating a spirit of community among all types of Jews and non-Jews as "we are all created in the image of HaShem (G-d)."
Myself being of less pedestrian and more horizontal persuasion, I have nevertheless frequently dreamed of walking the trail. Now I (and you too, lazy buns) can do it by proxy.

So let's all follow Shlomo and Chava. And give them a link, you hear?