07 December 2006

So what else is new?

Follows a snapshot of JP ticker tape as of 15:00 (approximately) on December 5 . I have chosen to delete about 20% of the entries that looked a bit out of line.

  • Bishara curses out Erdan in Knesset discussion
  • 10 Turkish youths attack Jewish youths in Belgium
  • 'Syria must stop backing destabilizing forces'
  • Ben-Eliezer: State keeping Arabs from gov't jobs
  • IDF finds pipe bomb south of Hebron; none hurt
  • Report: Officer warns Lebanese unrest could spread
  • Report: 1 out of 3 charities at risk of closing
  • Peretz: Non-conventional threats can't be ignored
  • Iran urges Arab countries to eject US military
  • Haniyeh: I never acted against armed groups
  • Afghanistan: Suicide bomber targets NATO convoy
  • Baghdad: Car bombs kill at least 15, wound 25
  • 97 Palestinian illegals arrested in Bnei Brak
  • Bicyclist hit by car; seriously injured
  • Iran: Opposition to nuclear program is 'hostility'
  • Miki Goldwasser: PM should talk less and do more
  • Netanyahu doubts gov't's ability to win next war
  • ElBaradei: Sanctions won't solve N. Korea standoff
  • W. Bank: IDF arrests 16 Palestinians overnight
  • UN postpones emergency debate on security barrier
  • French FM: 6 powers close to resolution on Iran
  • Clinton steps up preparations for presidential bid
  • UN holds conference to end sexual exploitation
  • Royal: Iran is not to be trusted
Now guess what is common between all above news items?

Right - it is so not news that the same question applies to each:

What else is new?

These news we consider mundane - isn't it a bit frightening?