28 December 2006

Does crime pay?

French police have arrested a bank robber who spent 20 years on the run after taking part in one of the country's biggest hold-ups. Miloud Hai, 48, was one of a group of about a dozen armed men who robbed a branch of the Bank of France in the western town of Saint Nazaire in July 1986, escaping with some 88 million francs (13.3 million euros, $17.57 million).
Assuming the split was even, the guy got 1.1 million Euro, more or less. 20 years on the run and about the same time he is looking forward to in the nick make his yearly income about 27,500 Euro. And I am not mentioning the headache of exchanging the French francs he got into Euro.

No, with the cost of living in France this is not a very attractive proposition.

As a side note: the French police has some very revengeful people in its ranks. FFS - It's twenty years! Come on, people, chill out! After all, look at this:
Police said he had spent years moving house frequently and leaving home in the early morning to evade possible raids.
After all, for the purpose of punishment, he already got more than he deserved. Just read again and think about it:

...moving house frequently...

...leaving home in the early morning...

There must be some limits to cruelty, really...