22 December 2006

Never say "never" meme

A few months ago I have promised myself I'll never take part in that meme craze. Got tagged a few times and refused, but now Bob from Brockley (as nice a person as they come) tagged me with an interesting case of a meme that is of a totally negative nature. Suits me.

So - 10 things I would never do:

  1. Say "never"
  2. Drink Budweiser (no, I mean that Norte Americano liquid)
  3. Read biographies of rich and /or famous
  4. Consume a raw egg
  5. Open books titled "How to...", esp. with a word "people" in between
  6. Watch an Indian drama or a Hallmark movie with "based on a real story" in subtitles
  7. Drink mixed stuff from a glass with an umbrella stuck in the middle
  8. Eat shepherd's pie in Ireland. Or haggis in Scotland. Or... enough
  9. Believe a politician
  10. Tag an innocent blogger for a meme
And yes - I promised Bob an act of revenge. It will come, in the best tradition of the Elders, when he least expects it. The dish best eaten cold and all that... He he he...