21 December 2006

I Sing the Body Electric

Do you want to drive a non-polluting car? One that is quiet as a mouse and able to reach 60 mph in 4 seconds flat?

BBC reports in a video clip:

The British car company Lotus has teamed up with a Californian design company to create an electric sports car. The car's designers claim that the Tesla can outperform its gas-guzzling counterparts.
Of course, being a Lotus and all that, this one comes with a price tag of BP 50,000. But hopefully in the near future we'll be able to buy a humble family sedan for a reasonable price. That does not necessarily include the ability to reach 60 mph in 4 seconds.

For some reason out of my control that news reminded me the infamous story of Stanley Meyer - the "inventor" of the water fuel cell that produces bountiful energy, consuming almost nothing. Breaking on the way the first law of thermodynamics and providing the potential investors a one in the lifetime opportunity to get something for nothing. The noise of his Water Powered Dune Buggy is still reverberating in some feverish brains:
He was a shame to hear that he was poisoned (March 98') and longer with us.
He was a shame indeed. Nevertheless, it was not a nice gesture on the side of the "Oil Corp.s and US DOE" to poison poor Stan. Still, I have to correct Bucko Banzai (the owner of the site linked above): it is not the culprits he mentions that poisoned Stan. It was a super-secret cabal of university professors who couldn't stand a wiseass able to break a fundamental physical law that feeds generations of lecturers. And to top it all - in a Water Powered Dune Buggy!

Anyway, back to that electric Lotus. It seems to work, even a journalist is able to drive it and the mortality rate among the Lotus people and the Californian design company is normal so far. So Bucko must not lose hope. After all, there are some other conspiracies he can still nurture, according to his own words:
Common Sense is NOT for humans, only good for OUTLAWS & so called terrorists.? Huh? We live in a time when good is spoken of as evil and evil spoken up as good. Why do I say that because it is true. We were told Our twin towers was taken down by airplanes, when the truth is, it was taken down by C4 explosives. It was a shabby job and they spilled the evidence as loose change.
Yes, Bucko is surely one of a kind. Almost. As he says:
It was all too fishy from me [sic!], and continues to stink like a dead rat.
Absolutely, Bucko me friend...

Remark: of course, the title is stolen from Ray Bradbury. Who filched it from Walt Whitman (I confess to my ignorance of this fact, but thanks to JudeoPundit it is corrected now)

to EuroYank: get better soon.

Dedicated to Jack who is speed-sensitive.