19 December 2006

Bad Arolsen archives talk

Sitting on 16 miles of shelving, they number 50 million pages covering 17.5 million victims, not only Jews but also millions of slave laborers, political prisoners, homosexuals and Roma.
I am not at all sure I need (or want) more proof. Some perfectionist historians, putting final touches on their manuscripts, will be happy to put their hands on this meticulous recording of the Nazi machinery in action. But most of the people do not require more proof.

As for Mahmoud the Mad and his clique of "scientists": they are impervious to proof, because their activities are in a completely different plane. As one of the commenters to the linked article mentioned:
Facts will not change the minds of hard-core deniers like David Duke, David Irving and Ernst Zundel. No matter what facts are unearthed, what documents are released, what excavations reveal, they will never admit to the slightest adjustment in their views. One must never forget that the former head of the "National Socialist White Peoples' Party," Harold Covington, said it quite plainly: "The real reason for Holocaust revisionism is to make National Socialism an accepted political alternative again." It's disgusting, but true.
And this is the way it goes...

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