07 December 2006

Faked what?

Iranian actor in sex video scandal says ex-fiance faked footage

This is a headline in the Guardian, nothing left out or added

An Iranian actor at the centre of a video sex scandal has spoken for the first time publicly to deny being a collaborator in the now notorious home-made film.

Zahra Amir Ebrahimi, one of Iran's best known television performers, is facing social ostracism, a wrecked career and a possible lashing after police seized copies of the footage, which appears to show her having sex.

The sad part in this story is that the one of the nation leading actors is forced to lie (after all, how does one fake a whole movie?) to protect herself from the medieval "justice" system.

The part that lends a bit of hope:
An estimated 100,000 copies have been circulating in the last two months. The accompanying publicity has prompted some parents to voice concern that their children have asked to see the film, which has been dubbed Narges II.
Seems that not all is rotten yet in the system. At least there are some people who are willing to take some risks. Maybe Isaac Shrodinger was right after all in this post, and Iran could be changed through pornography...