23 December 2006

An urgent message to all Elders

Date: just before Christmas, 2006
Sender: Signals department, Elders HQ
Recorded by: Eva X
Encryption level: open text + unencrypted image.

hi malka how are you you sweet thing you now record every word please urgent put it in capitals URGENT TO ALL MEMBERS OF ELDERS ORGANIZATION ENOUGH CAPitals you dolt we have been rumbled the game is up now receive a picture no don't write this down just receive...

ok have you got it sugar now continue we have been rumbled the game is up burn the paperwork and them damn computers sell all and scram use reptilians to dig in in desolated areas for a few years prepare food clothing and arms accordingly in case of capture do not resist say you are a book publisher agent keep low profile till further notice communications via )(&&*$$ channel now sweetie when can i see you i am getting crazy from impatience no really we should get together this evening or i don't know my you know what is on fire shit i told you to stop recording didn't i so...

[end of message]