29 December 2006

80th Anniversary of Anti-Japanese Women's Association Marked

It was not immediately clear whether this Association is against all Japanese or only against the Japanese womenfolk, so I just had to read the whole article. Of course, there is no male chauvinism in the DPRK, I should have known it without doubting it even for a second. Shame on me.

But anyhow, I have only gained from reading the whole peace. Take a deep breath and read aloud together with me the following:

All the women should learn from and follow the noble example shown by Kim Jong Suk in devotedly defending the leader and become steadfast women revolutionaries and true revolutionary comrades of Songun who follow Kim Jong Il in idea and faith and devotedly defend him in whatever storms and thereby consolidate as firm as a rock the single-minded unity of the revolutionary ranks around the headquarters of the revolution.
Now close your eyes and answer:

1. Who should consolidate, according to the above?
2. What is it that should be consolidated, according to the above?
3. What should become firm as a rock, according to the above?

People who send in three correct answers and provide an e-mail will receive a free gift. The free gift in this case will be a picture (in jpeg format) of the Leader of the People, The Rising Sun of the World Communism, The... aw, what the heck, the Greatest Kim Dong Ill himself.

Hurry up!