14 December 2006

Son of Protocols of the Elders of Zion returns

The drama of the century. Hordes of invisible Israel lobbyists - evil people with horns and tails - are perniciously swaying United States Middle East policy against the best interests of the United States, which are to allow lobbyists to accept the well-earned largess of the Gulf states and sell Israel down the river.
This is an intriguing intro to Ami Isseroff's post here. Enjoy it. Meanwhile I shall copy from this post a picture that I always enjoy to see:

I have only one small correction to make regarding the following:
The "Israel Lobby" are sapping our precious bodily fluids, putting tasteless poisons in the water supply.
Ami could be excused, he is not up to our latest technologies. There are no more poisons in the water supply - it is crude and expensive. Mind control is much cheaper and leaves no traces.