28 December 2006

Another slip of a double tongue

This BBC article's headline may not keep for long, so I have decided to make a snapshot for posterity.

"Israel to resume militant strikes". How do you like them chickens? "Militant strikes". I wonder whether we are witnessing here the birth of a new term for any future IDF action. After all, it may be a new attempt to level the playing field according to BBC (secret) standards.

If the next IDF strike in Gaza succeeds in bagging a few rocket scientists, we'll see the familiar "IDF killed x Palestinian civilians", no doubt about it.

The international community has urged Mr Olmert to keep the ceasefire alive, but he has come under growing domestic pressure to respond to the rocket attacks, which have been increasing.
The international community does not give a flying fig about the 60+ Qassams launched during the month of the so called "cease-fire", so I don't think we should give anything different for the unbearable urges of "international community".

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