06 December 2006

Russian assistance - yes, sure

AP reports matter-of-factly:

MOSCOW -- Russian prosecutors say British police investigating the poisoning death of a former K-G-B spy have officially requested assistance from their Russian counterparts. Russia's Prosecutor General's office said in a statement they have agreed to help Scotland Yard officers in their probe.
Uhu. In the spirit of openness. I have an idea: why don't they try to look for Jimmy Hoffa as well?

I am sure that Litvinenko's spirit is rejoicing at the news.

On the other hand, Russians seem to have covered even the remote eventuality of British sleuths getting on the scent of the killers:

Litvinenko affair will damage our relationship with UK, warns Russia
Russia's Foreign Minister warned against a "politicisation" of the Litvinenko affair as British police arrived in Moscow to pursue their investigation into the poisoning of the former Russian intelligence officer in London.
Just in case, you know...

And from the latest on the subject:
Russia will refuse to extradite to Britain any suspects in the poisoning death of a former spy and outspoken critic of President Vladimir Putin, the country's top prosecutor says. Prosecutor-General Yuri Chaika spoke to reporters in Moscow on Tuesday as a team of British detectives started to investigate the case in the Russian capital.

Russia's prison service on Tuesday ruled out any prospects of a meeting between the British officers and jailed ex-agent Mikhail Trepashkin, Interfax news agency said.

Lawyers for Trepashkin, a former KGB agent serving four years in jail for divulging state secrets, have said he has information relevant to the Litvinenko investigation that he wants to pass on to the detectives. In a letter from prison in the Urals, Trepashkin, ... has said he had warned Litvinenko several years ago about a government-sponsored death squad that intended to kill him and other Kremlin opponents.
Any questions?