15 December 2006

For your well-being: Allahrobics

A new wave of health exercise is going to concur the word: Allahrobics®.

A top Malaysian university has discovered that the postures used during the Muslim prayer, or solat, have significant physical benefits, according to a report on Tuesday.

Initial results from a research project by Universiti Malaya's biomedical engineering department show the Muslim style of praying benefits the heart and spine, while increasing the capacity for memory and attention.

Muslims pray five times a day, with each solat beginning in a standing posture, followed by a deep bow and then progressing to a sitting position on knees. The person then touches their forehead to the ground, sits up and repeats the process before finally standing again.

As could be seen in the picture above, Allahrobics® are beneficial for all ages.

A practical advice for beginners: to protect your head, wear a special protective turban, as demonstrated below, at all times:

Dosage: as indicated in the article above, unless your GP proscribes a different one. Consult your therapist before use!

Possible side effects: Nausea, scrambled brains, uncontrollable urge to set various effigies on fire, bouts of violence. Consult your physician or any nearby policeman if any of the above symptoms occur.

Update: the picture of the turban as presented initially was a wrong one. The editor and photographer responsible for the grave mistake were sacked immediately and punished according to Sharia Law (you should not concern yourself with their fate anymore). Here is the correct turban:

To be purchased only in halal sportswear shops!