27 December 2006

The cease-fire sham continues

After the two boys in Sderot were wounded by the Qassam yesterday, IDF gets the green light "to resume pinpoint operations targeting Qassam rocket launching cells". The condition attached to this mandate is "to uphold the cease-fire in general". Gives the green light a rather yellowish tint, I must say.

Peretz and senior IDF officials had called on Olmert to suspend the policy of restraint and let the army fire at Qassam rocket-launcher cells that can be identified during or shortly after operation.
During or shortly after will hardly help the victims of the Qassams that are already in the air. How about adding "before" to that time scale?

But of course, Bibi, happy camper at any time he is not holding the helm, has a solution to any problem:
"[The government] must stop [arms] smuggling, by taking control of key areas," he said. When asked if this includes the Philadelphi Route, Netanyahu responded "definitely," although he said the military presence there would not necessarily be permanent.
Not necessarily permanent... Where did I hear that last time? Sounds very familiar.
Netanyahu also called on the government to work to bring about the fall of the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority government, and "halt all negotiations and all gestures, until a complete end to the terrorism."
Can we have also an end to sloganeering with this enchilada?

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