29 September 2006

Whipping boy Bush

How do some people get around so much is a pure mystery to me. But this is how you get to all the good stuff. And here it goes - a superb work by Andre Glucksmann.

In the media, the commemoration of the fifth anniversary of the attacks on New York and Washington often turned into an exorcism seance with George Bush as the perfect whipping boy. When attacks and threats increase, he is to blame. When terrorists here and at the other end of the world engage in unscrupulous murderers, this is his sorry legacy. When in Iraq the faith war swells, when Muslims in Morocco, Algeria, Afghanistan and Indonesia slaughter each other, when Iran builds nuclear weapons, then they don't look for those responsible, it is Bush and Bush again.
No, for feck's sake, we are not Bush supporters. Better read what Glucksmann has to say.