06 September 2006

Leave the baby alone!

Here is one example of overinflated expectations that could lead a person to a early demise.

Japan's Newborn Prince Already Faces Pressure to Produce Heir

The newest heir to the world's oldest monarchy is less than a day old and already has a significant duty to perform: produce a prince of his own.

Japan's Princess Kiko, wife of the second son of Emperor Akihito, today gave birth to the first male born to the imperial family in almost 41 years. Females cannot succeed to the throne, so the boy becomes third in line after his uncle Crown Prince Naruhito, 46, and his father Prince Akishino, 40.

The decades of waiting for a new male heir prompted a proposal backed by Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi to change the 1947 Imperial Household Law and allow women to ascend the throne. That was shelved after Kiko's pregnancy was announced, making the newest member of the family indispensable to the bloodline.

This is really a case of unspeakable cruelty and could be even classified as solicitation of a minor to perform... whatever, we are not lawyers here.

No, something is just not right in the Empire of the Rising Sun nowadays. I mean, where is the valor, the spirit of volunteering for hazardous duties, no matter how suicidal,where is the self-sacrifice? The valiant samurai, for that matter?

The question to be addressed to the people of Japan at the end of the day is: aren't there some activities that the Emperor could be excused from?