24 September 2006

More on rumored demise of Bin Laden

While Jacques Chirac denies this or refuses to confirm that, our valiant agents roaming far and wide have done their considerable best to get to the bottom of the story. And, of course, to connect the dots. The result: here is the main culprit in Osama's demise:

Operation Spinach, which, of course, got a bit out of hand, seems to have achieved the goal - either kill or seriously cripple Osama. The ingenious move by an unnamed security service that, in a moment of enlightenment, decided to cover the attack focused on one individual by hitting several hundreds, does not have peers in the history of clandestine operations.

The choice of weapon - unwashed spinach - is also pointing out to a high level of sophistication. No wonder that nobody in Osama's inner circle suspected anything - who would suspect a few innocent green leaves so readily consumed by followers of all religions?

Of course, a corollary of the case is that Osama was eventually located in Wisconsin, where the vector of operation Spinach clearly pointed: "With 42 cases, Wisconsin has the highest number, according to the FDA." But this is secondary - the fact that the authorities kept their eye on that character all the time is highly comforting.

Another corollary of the story is: boil your vegetables. The taste will go, true, but at least you shall stay alive.