09 September 2006

Another quiet Saturday

A French general (or some other functionary) declares that the naval patrols provided by France, Italy and others will not enforce the arms embargo, only provide support to Lebanese navy (as heard on radio).
Another resounding UN "NO": no to disarming Hezbollah, no to preventing the arms shipments via Syria/Lebanon border and now this.

Annan says Syria leader pledges to stop arms shipments to Hezbollah (Reuters)
Kofi, stop tickling me, man! I am extremely sensitive to tickling!

Minor earthquake centered in N. West Bank shakes area; no damage (Israel Radio)
Oh well, on the other hand Indonesia got it in the neck again: 6.2 magnitude at the same time...

Former Iranian President Khatami, in U.S.: Suicide bombings hurt Islam (Reuters)
Not really: you press the button and it's over in a jiffy. Then you are in paradise...

31 Indian Muslims killed during prayer in blomb attacks Friday in west of country (AP)
Blomb? These Zionists will not stop before anything...

Iranian President Ahmadinejad applies for visa to travel to UN (AP)
He will start glowing green again soon, mark my words...

IDF releases five Lebanese detained Friday (Reuters)
IDF troops seize one more person in southern Lebanon (AP)
Maybe this one was more... er... attractive than the other five?

Former Iran president Khatami says Holocaust is a "historical fact" (Reuters)
No shit, Sherlock?

[President] Katsav urged to declare himself unfit (Haaretz headline)
The opposite is true, I say - judging by the number of women that complained, he seems to be extremely fit...