06 September 2006

Oh Debka, Debka...

A new and unlikely rival to Tom Clancy and his pesky team of co-writers arises in the Middle East. Whatever you say about the genre of techno-thrillers, there is no denying the fact of its immense popularity and the significant revenues that go with it (as a bonus, surely).

With its flagship article under the unassuming title "Lebanese Security" Is the Pretext for the Naval Babel around Lebanon's Shores Debkafile makes its first bold incursion into Clancy's bailiwick. And the results are awesome. To say the least. Check this out:

From France's nuclear-powered 38,000-ton Charles De Gaulle carrier (see insignia), 40 Rafale M fighter craft whose range is 3,340 km can take off at intervals of 30 seconds. The ship also carries three E-2C Hawkeye surveillance craft. The combat control center of the French carrier can handle 2,000 simultaneous targets. The carrier leads a task fore of 7 warships carrying 2,800 French Marines.

There is more, much more where this came from. Pure bliss! Being an avid reader (dentist appointments, airport lounges, headaches...) of this kind of stuff, I am already seeing in my mind's eye the first sentence of the next chapter:

Revving the Dassault 34xY (326,000 pounds at full military power) engine of his trusty Mirage 3000 P6, Lieutenant Jean-Marc Mormeck waited for the green take-off light and the familiar push of the huge Citroen catapult that will initiate his ascent to the taunting blue sky of Mediterranean and his 28 minutes of glory in the Armageddon of the XXI century caused by an article in DEBKAfile...

Dontcha just love it?