29 September 2006

Muslim sizeism?

Sheikh: All must convert to Islam

Under this misleading headline Ynet published an article that may contain the answer to the question that bothers many a thinker these days: why cannot Muslim world accept the unending series of apologies from the Pope?

It is true that Sheikh Abu Saqer (a prominent Gaza Strip preacher and leader of Gaza's Jihadia Salafiya Islamic outreach movement) said that "the only Christian-Muslim dialogue that is acceptable is one in which all religions agree to convert to Islam." However, this is not a surprise, after all many other Muslim religious clerics already expressed this opinion, no matter how self-contradictory and stupid it may sound.

But if you read carefully the assorted quotes from Abu Saqer's speech, one peculiar note could not fail to be noticed: the frequent reference to the Pope's size. See here:

  • little racist pope
  • small racist
  • this dwarf pope
This clearly shows that our Sheikh has trouble accepting the Pope's dimensions. He probably expects a much greater size from a religious leader and is disappointed by the current physical manifestation of the pontiff.

We do not know the height or, come to think of it, the weight of the Pope, never considering that there might be a link between girth (to take one dimension) of the pontiff and respect the said pontiff gains with followers of other religions.

Maybe a new approach to selection of the Pope is indicated?

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