10 September 2006

Persian cure for Aids?

The following explosive headline is published by ubiquitous IRNA: Health minister to unveil breakthrough in AIDS cure. What can one say? Even if one is not personally concerned about AIDS at the moment, the whole world is suffering and holding its breath in tense expectation of the delivery. No matter where it comes from. Unfortunately, the information IRNA provided is scant.

According to Health Ministry officials, Iranian scientists have invented a formula to control symptoms of AIDS.

"The research studies to find out a formula to cure AIDS was initiated during the tenure of two former health ministers and have led to useful results," a health official said. Former minister of health and medical education Mohammad Farhadi who served as executive director of the project for 'a formula for reinvigorating the immunity system of the body' told IRNA that the project led to the discovery of a formula to control symptoms of AIDS and some other virus-oriented infections.

That's it more or less. UPI joined the chorus, but with no additional details.

There is one curious detail about the IRNA article: the page it appears on includes the following ad (click to enlarge):

The ad offers you a booklet about the new miraculous cure for both HIV and AIDS (sic!) by Ms Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D. An additional bonus in form of "easy to follow instructions for an electric circuit that lets you zap the virus!" is offered as well. The circuit could be, probably, constructed at home following the instructions.

To learn more about Ms Regehr Clark, see The Bizarre Claims of Hulda Clark on Quackwatch, as one example of the attitude scientific community displays toward the lady.

There is definitely a secret spring of refreshing humor in IRNA, methinks...

In any case, Iran has one surefire medicine against both HIV and AIDS:

I am sure that only the Islamophobes in WHO prevent this method from being proposed for a Nobel prize.

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