12 September 2006

Birds of a feather

To anyone whining about our various external hazards such as Hezbollah, Hamas, Mahmoud the Mad etc. - let's take a look at our esteemed (?) Knesset first. On one hand:

Balad chairman MK Azmi Bishara called on Syria to beware of an Israeli attack. Bishara, who is visiting Damascus, said during his meeting with senior Baath officials that, "Israel could attack more than one location in an effort to overcome its domestic crisis, and to improve its power of deterrence following the war in Lebanon."

Bishara, who joined other members of the Balad Knesset faction visiting Syria, expressed his support for Syria and for the country's struggle to free "occupied Arab land." He also praised Syria's support for "resistance to the occupation."

The Balad MKs were to meet with Syrian leaders, in violation of Israeli law.

As usual, the shenanigans of the three clowns will be "punished" by vigorous finger shaking in the next parliamentary session. And, as usual, the Arab citizens that constantly grumble about their MKs being busy with anything but promoting and protecting the interests of the Arab Israelis, will forget it all come next elections.

But on the other hand:

MK Effie Eitam called Sunday for the expulsion of Arabs from the West Bank and the removal of Israeli Arabs from the political scene, igniting the most recent in a series of clashes between Arab and Israeli Knesset members.

We know that Effie was boinked on the head during that unfortunate incident during Amona outpost evacuation. Some helpful editor in JP did not miss the opportunity to remind us about it, adding this picture to the above linked article:

It seems that we are still witnessing the aftershocks.

My first idea was to lock the four of them together in the Knesset basement for a few days. But on the second thought it may be unfair to the Arab MKs - Eitam is too tough for them and his military training and personal ferocity will make the fight too uneven. Some handicap must be introduced...