05 September 2006

A new kind of the "stink" bomb

According to an unconfirmed rumor, IDF tried out a new type of WMD on the citizens of Beirut.

45,000 of these air fresheners were dropped on Beirut. The text on one side of the Lebanese cedar cum air freshener says: "For a good smell" and on the other "get off (scram)". The answer as to who is it that should scram was made as clear as possible.

However, in the best army tradition, IDF did not rely solely on the picture. A leaflet was added, saying approximately the following: "Citizens of Lebanon - if you will, you can get back the smell of Lebanese cedars. Get read of the destroyer of Lebanon".

According to the same source, the air freshener was very successful with the dwellers of Beirut. Hundreds were seen in the streets trying to get one.