01 September 2006

This terrible beauty

"But make no mistake, with the victory of Hizbullah, a terrible beauty is born."

After publishing this mysterious sentence, our inimitable hero of Arabia, George Galloway, he of the meowing fame, flew to Lebanon to declare his unwavering support of this war-battered small nation and, especially, of its protector, Hassan Nasrallah of Hezbollah.

The world press for some reason was not very excited by the visit and only later, when the valiant traveler was already in Damascus, reported some vague blanket statement:

Maverick British politician George Galloway urged Western governments yesterday to reduce tensions with the Muslim world by pressuring Israel to withdraw from Arab land in the wake of its invasion of southern Lebanon.

Whatever it means - after all, the one thing that IDF from its CoS to the last soldier want is to be out of Lebanon, and so far the withdrawal seems to be on schedule. As to adventures of George in Lebanon, besides hosting a radio show "from a war zone" (sic!), very little information is available on the Internet. So the meaning of that remark about the terrible beauty remained obscure to the apoetic minds of the Elders, bent as they are in a more practical direction of mayhem and destruction.

Fortunately, a few minutes ago, a recording from one of our micro-drones that follow every movement of the Hon. Sheikh Nasrallah arrived to our headquarters. Nasrallah still believes that the cockroach he befriended while in self-imposed exile in his bunker, is his friend. He he...

So, here is one frame from the clip that is currently being edited to become presentable for Hallmark and even Al-Jazeera. It is true that the frame does not allow an insight into the following activities, and could be interpreted in different ways, depending on the age, gender and personal inclinations of the viewer.

However, one fact must be clear to all: this peaceful and beatific smile on George's face is the witness that for him the quest for this mysterious but terrible beauty is over. George's ship has arrived and is safely anchored in the harbor of its destiny.

If the Elders' censorship department allows, we'll publish more stills of this historic meeting of minds. Watch this space.