23 September 2006

Another quiet Saturday

First Lebanese army troops deploy on Israel-Lebanon border (Israel Radio)
Yes. And the other day a first group of Hezbollah supporters demonstrated on the border and threw stones at Israeli patrol. No response from the patrol.

Qassam rocket lands in western Negev; no casualties (Haaretz)
A good answer to another declaration by Abu Mazen about the end to violence.

U.S. intelligence chief: Iran tries keeping West in the dark on nuclear plan (Reuters)
Is it only my impression or US intelligence is eternally angry with people who do not share their secrets with it?

Rice: Iranian refusal to negotiate will trigger Security Council action (Reuters)
There is that cannon in a circus. It shoots a clown into a safety net... Trigger my foot...

West foils Arab bid to have UN declare Israel's nuclear arsenal a threat (Reuters)
Good. On the other hand - what good is a nuclear arsenal if it is not a threat?

Palestinian police exchange fire with assailants outside West Bank church (AP)
The good news here is that there is still a church standing in West Bank.

Bill Clinton slams Bush for not doing enough to capture Al-Qaida`s bin Laden (Reuters)
If this is not a case of pot calling kettle...

Abbas: Unity gov't will recognize Israel (Ynet)
Palestinian PM's aide says Hamas will not join unity government if recognizing Israel is a condition (Ynet)
You must get your act together, folks. It becomes embarrassing...

The chief of staff of the Iranian army, General Atallah Salhi, said on Friday that Tehran has detected signs that the "Zionist regime" is falling apart (Ynet)
Don't worry, General. It is true that I had a bad case of flu and SWMBO said indeed that I am falling apart pitifully. But I am much better now, no sweat...