04 September 2006

A place for a good laugh

A bad day in the office? A tiff with your spouse/friend/child? Shortchanged in a shop?

Here comes your help. Don't look further, IRNA - the official Iranian News Agency is always at your beck and click. Relax and read.

Swedish Foreign Minister Jan Eliasson in a meeting with the Head of Iran's Fundamental Knowledge Research Center in Stockholm and Human Rights Secretary General Mohammad-Javad Larijani on Monday underlined Iran's important position in the world of Islam and welcomed its positive role in dialogue among religions.

According to a report released by the Public Relations Department of Iran's Supreme National Security Council, at the meeting, Eliasson lauded Iran's constructive role in various regional developments such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Persian Gulf security.

Feeling better already? Here is more:

The Syrian envoy, for his part, underlined that the Islamic Republic of Iran and Syria are on the same boat adding that further expansion of mutual relations would meet the two sides interests.

The Americans and Zionists try through illogical means to retrieve their disgraceful defeat [sic!] by Lebanese resistance movement, he said adding that the world Muslims view Iran and Syria as heros and respect them.

Iran's success in peaceful nuclear technology would be to the benefit of all Islamic states, he said adding that the Islamic Republic of Iran as the vanguard of Islam seeks peace and unity at international relations, he said.

See? No need for a drink and throw away your Zantac.

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