16 September 2006

Emperor lashes self, apologizes

Byzantine emperor Manuel II Paleologus issued an apology to the world Muslim community during the daily briefing in his Constantinople palace press room.

The press kit included the text of the apology that will be published soon in all main media organs. At the end of the long apology the emperor went on his knees, facing Mecca, and hit the floor by his forehead several times repeatedly, begging forgiveness. The witnesses' reports differ on the number of hits, but all reporters present agree that the tears freely flowing from the emperor's eyes do not have anything to do with the resulting pain.

The photograph attached to the press kit shows the results of self-flagellation the emperor inflicted on himself during the night as an act of penance.

The picture is issued by the emperor's press-room, so there is no doubt of it's authenticity.

So far there was no response from the Sultan's Foreign Minister.