12 September 2006

What a man!

There were several articles like this one in various papers regarding the latest threats by OBL's left hand* Ayman al-Zawahiri. I have chosen the one linked above for the picture:

Even in a picture of such a low quality it is easy to see that the scar in the middle of his forehead has grown significantly. My admiration for the man grows too, I must admit.

Not only does Zawahiri hide for years and years in the wilderness of the Afghan caves, eating not a lot more than camel dung (I am afraid to think of the liquid he drinks to make the dung more palatable). No, this is not enough - he is stopping speeding imperialist bullets or even Hellfire missiles by his forehead alone!

That finger does not bode well, I guess then...

(*) The definition of Zawahiri as OBL's left hand may be not entirely correct. I distinctly remember that one of the hands is used for purposes less than noble in the region, so it will have to be clarified at another opportunity. Unless OBL does assign to Zawahiri tasks that ... no, let's wait for clarifications.