13 September 2006

Do you get it?

Al Jazeera knows how to make its readers happy. No matter what you thought about that spot of trouble near the US embassy in Damascus, Al Jazeera will put you straight: Syria blames US policies for attack.

Syria has accused the US of fuelling extremism and terrorism in the Middle East after four assailants attacked the US embassy in Damascus. The Syrian embassy in Washington said in a statement on Tuesday that US policies in the Middle East had fuelled extremism, terrorism and anti-US sentiment.

WorldNetDaily went one step further in its headline, removing the word "policies": Syria blames U.S. for embassy attack.

The attack today against the United States embassy in Damascus was orchestrated by American intelligence to embarrass the Syrian regime and extract political concessions, a senior member of Syrian President Bashar Assad's Baath Party claimed to WND. "We in the government are 100 percent sure America was behind this attack, which is not the same as other attacks by Islamic groups," said the senior Baath party official, speaking on condition of anonymity. "Only the Americans can succeed in carrying out an attack just 200 meters from President Assad's residence in the most heavily guarded section of Syria," the official said.

What can one say? The years Syrians spent under papa Assad and baby Assad made them able to see things other people don't even dream about...

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