07 September 2006

Nigerian scam and Jewish plutocrats

SiteMeter is a wonderful invention. One of its side benefits is a collection of exciting search strings bringing the Internet surfers, frequently by mistake, to your site. You can also know, with some degree of certainty, where the surfer is located when perpetrating this or other heinous search.

The search string that came recently to SimplyJews is exceptional:

"names of well-know Rich Jews in america"

By itself it would not merit a special notion. After all, many a kook wants to prove to himself that Jooz are controlling the world (we could have him/her know it without complicated searches). But in this case the search originates in Nigeria. The combination of the text and the location made our Signals department to sit up and listen.

When a person in Nigeria starts to look up names of the Rich Jews in america, we could not let the situation disappear from our radars. On one hand, it is nice to know that the American plutocrats are going to be attacked by the best and the brightest in the scam business. We can already imagine the letter of the following genre:

From:Mr.Peter Waffi
Nigerian National Pet.Corp.
Attn: President/Ceo.


Dear Mr. Bloomberg,

I know this email will reach you as a surprise, but need not to worry as we are using the only secured and confidential medium available to seek for foreign assistance/partnership in a business transaction which is of mutual benefit.

I am a member of the Government of Nigeria Contract Award and Monitoring Committee in the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation(NNPC)Sometime ago, a contract was awarded to a foreign firm in NNPC by my Committee.This contract was over invoiced to the tune of...

We already enjoy the thought about the huge headlines in the MSM:

Bloomberg taken for $XXXM by a Nigerian scam!

There is nothing that warms a heart more than a capitalist being hit for a few millions.

But lately a worrying thought began encroaching into this rosy picture: what if the Rich Jews win? After all, these people are no slouches. They, probably, eat scammers for breakfast by the dozen?

Are we witnessing the beginning of decline and fall of Nigerian scam empire?