28 September 2006

Bunny Wailer ZioDrone©

Bunny Wailer is the latest creation of the ZioDomination machine and is the product of years of exhaustive research and development.

The ZioDrone is Pictured here, having just exited the business end of one of our core incubator units, being subjected to rigorous Quality Assurance routines. The digital readout (3,410) represents the device's IQ rating.

Pictured below are two sample core incubators at our secret Raanana plant. Thousands of these incubator units are unwittingly deployed and funded by the Elders, and are programmed periodically during gestation using our Ultrasound data transfer protocol. The core incubator on the left produced Bunny Wailer, while the one on the right is pending extraction.

Equipped with the ChosenOne ® Chipset and hardwired with a disproportionate retaliation reflex, this ZioDrone © is ready to occupy.