26 September 2006

Manuel II: we are getting closer

Byzantine emperor Manuel II met yesterday with the emissaries of Turkish Sultan, Egyptian Pasha and several other, less important Muslim ding dignitaries to resolve the outstanding issues.

Reporters from Constantinople Star, Cairo Sphinx, Messopotamia Messenger and other MSM organs were not allowed to be present during the meeting. Due to the exceptional thickness of the meeting room's door, the discussion remained under wraps. The sounds of occasional thuds, dragging of heavy objects and knocking had their source, most probably, in the ongoing repairs activity in the emperor's palace.

The senior emissary, Vizier of Turkey, said after the meeting that it was "constructive, positive and to the point". He refused to be more specific, saying only that the minuscule misunderstanding was resolved to full satisfaction of everyone present. When asked about the slight discoloration on his left cheek and a minor bump on his forehead, his answer was "Oh, just stumbled into a door the other day".

The emperor has chosen not to speak to the press immediately after the meeting. He was seen during his morning audience for the newly arrived Ambassador of Abyssinia, visibly relaxed and clearly in a good mood. "We are getting much closer with my Mohammedan friends," he told the gathered reporters, "I can tell you. I believe that there is nothing that cannot be resolved between two good men over a bottle of good wine."

"Oops..." he added after a slight pause.

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