13 September 2006

Fidel Castro - the plot thickens

Only a few days ago we have discussed some lingering suspicions about Fidel Castro. I have also promised to check the Elders' archives. Unfortunately, the state of our archives is not what it used to be. Some poisoned tongues blame the great fire of 1965 on the person who was then our chief accountant. Indeed, the fire started in the corner of the archive allocated to the accounting records, but the presence of an empty gas canister was explained to everybody's satisfaction. The fact that the chief accountant disappeared and was subsequently found in Galapagos was clearly due to his hobby as an ardent supporter of intelligent design theory, bent to disprove some elements of Darwin's theory of evolution.

Anyway, there is no trace of the Castro file in our archives, and I was forced to use information in the public domain. Yes, I know that it sounds pathetic, but here you are...

And I must say that the public domain did not disappoint. I hit the pay dirt very quickly. Wikipedia says it loud and clear:

Fidel Castro, President of Cuba, among others, have acknowledged Marrano ancestry.

That's it, Fidel. You can get out of the closet now, the game is up. Not only are you a pseudo-Socialist, but a crypto-Jew as well. You can come home to roost, and we shall rename the famous musical to Fidel On The Roof in your honor. Topol will be tickled breathless to play under this title!

Go by the nose, the beak, the honker, the schnozzle, and you shall never miss, I always say!