13 April 2006

You still must heed your mother's words

"How Godfather was betrayed by his need for clean pants", says the headline of Times Online article.

He eluded capture for 43 years. But in the end he was betrayed by the need for clean underwear. Bernardo Provenzano, the Mafia "“boss of bosses"” who was arrested this week, was traced to his Sicilian hideaway by police who tracked a delivery of laundry. Provenzano, who had not been seen since going into hiding in 1963, asked his wife to send him "“a pack of washed and ironed clothes:”" -— underpants, shirts, and socks.

Which shows that capo di tutti i capi was a good boy and really listened to the advice his mother gave him regarding the necessity of clean underwear.

Of course, the author of the article cannot restrain himself from smirking. But there is another fact that should be considered: "he eluded capture for 43 years".

So, boys, do not listen to Times reporters. Listen to your mothers and make sure your underwear is clean. In case police gets you and you have to undergo a strip-down search.

And may you elude capture for 43 years. Or more.