15 April 2006

PETA and Crucifixion

Our tireless friends of PETA are not content with pissing off the Jews. They are hell bent to prove that they are equal opportunity offenders. This time they have chosen to borrow the most powerful image of Christianity.

Vienna - A row erupted on Thursday over plans by animal protectionists to symbolically "crucify" three activists with animal masks in a Good Friday protest outside Vienna's St Stephan's Cathedral.

The militant pro-animal group PETA said the activists would be suspended from crosses with crowns of thorns on their heads.

The slogan of the protest action would be "We suffer and die for your sins of nourishment."

Up to now, our sins of nourishment have not included eating PETA members. Judging by the picture, there is not a lot of good eating of that chicken. On the other hand, it is low cholesterol vegan meat, so those of us, carnivores, that battle high cholesterol levels, may take heed.

Now we are waiting with baited breath for the Muslim imagery from PETA. Surely it would be a nice and politically correct addition to the vegan menu?

In related news: vegans protest treatment of sheep in Australia in the nude.

US animal rights activists stripped off today in the first of a worldwide series of nude demonstrations to protest Australia's treatment of sheep. A small group of members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) demonstrated outside the Australian embassy in Washington. In the coming days PETA plans nude protests outside Australian embassies in Vienna, Berlin, Paris and Sao Paulo. In Washington, four women and one man stripped down to g-strings and painted Australian flags on their bodies.

Since the article does not carry the picture of the protesters, choosing instead an idyllic snapshot of a ruminants family, one has to assume that the "small group" was not especially attractive in the nude.

More media members than activists were there to cover the spectacle. "We definitely attracted a lot of attention," said Brandi Valladolid, a PETA spokesperson and one of the nude protesters. "Of course, protests like these are designed to create attention and it was a big success. We had 13 media outlets there."

Poor schlubs...

Ms Valladolid said employees at the Australian embassy showed interest in the demonstration. "We noticed a lot of people in the embassy glued to their windows watching the demonstration wondering what the hell was going on," she said.

A word to the wise, Brandi: some of them Aussies have an acquired... no, this is for Meryl's place as well. Let's just say that the word "skewer" has more than one meaning, OK?

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