14 April 2006


As other bloggers' habit, I am also looking at some curious search strings. Andrew Ian Dodge makes do with statistics, which, granted, bring some interesting results. I, on the other hand, have decided to be customer-friendly and shall do my best to continue answering the requests to the best of my ability from time to time. So here goes another portion.

Q: Origin of Bubbie?

A: The "Random Glory" trailer park, Bad Ass, Texas.

Q: Jews taking over Palestine?

A: Doesn't look so lately. But we'll check again.

Q: David'’s dad?

A: No. No, no, no.

Q: Be mad as hatter?

A: OK, just read few more posts here and you shall get there in a jiffy.

Q: Jews importance in UK?

A: Jews in UK? Where have you picked up this ridiculous rumour?

Q: Bin Laden Dream Moussaoui?

A: Is it a question or an answer? Thanks for the tip anyway. We cound't have suspected...

Q: Iran nukes?

A: No, thanks.

Q: Simply sex?

A: It could be unethical between the blogger and... aw, what the heck, OK!

Q: Zionist robots?

A: A lot of this going around later. But they are easily outed - just stand up and sing Hatikva at the top of your voice. They will get to you in droves.

Q: Akaky conflict?

A: Nope. It is a dastardly rumor, spread by the enemies of... whatever.

Q: Lord Levy?

A: We have left him a message, just tidy your place and he shall drop by.

Q: Reptile?

A: See "Zionist robots" above. They are a pretty mixed bunch nowadays, difficult to distinguish. Hatikva works on reptiles too, they cannot overcome the attraction.

Q: Nicolas Cage political affiliation?

A: 1. Nicolas Cage 2. Hollywood. 3. No - we are not involved.

Q: Nebuchadnezzar?

A: Been there, done it. Not advised.

Q: Maternal lineJewishh?

A: And how else do you make sure? All this DNA mumbo-jumbo?


A: That too.

Q: Robot penises?

A: Oh, man, it is like going to a Ferrari after a Ford Escort. But they are reserved only for the Elders' elite, you know. Anyway, give us a call, maybe we'll manage to squeeze you in...

Q: No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible. Anti semite.

A: We are not at all sure that it is a question, dear anti-Semite. Anyway, why quoting Stanislaw Jerzy Lec, if you are an anti-Semite? Cheer up, there are a lot of non-Jewish authors out there too.

OK, now: Happy Easter to all our friends of Christian persuasion. Eat, drink and be merry!