29 April 2006

Bottom feeders' time.

David Hirsch has done it again. In the article Slipping standards he is taking the Independent to task over the latest opus by the chief bottom-feeder of Independent, Mr. Fisk. Of course, David is also sticking his hand in the hornet's nest at the same time, publishing the article in the good old "comment is free". Nothing is free there - one pays out by his brain cells wasted on a dialog with the best and the ugliest I-brutes ever invented.

Quite some time passed since the community of more qualified people deconstructed and debunked point by point the quasi - scientific article by two beacons of modern learning - Mearsheimer and Walt.

It is quite surprising that it took Fisk so long to get wise to the plot and to join his powerful squeak to that of the two professors. Probably he was trying to get his head around the unequivocal approval of the article by David Duke, looking for a way to deal with that sore point. Or just the regular writers block. Or, maybe, drawing that flag took more than planned:

Only if you look at that picture for some time, can you grok the level of sophistication and deep thought hiding behind (or beyond) that picture. Definitely that trashing in the calloused hands of Afghani farmers did a lot of good to Mr. Fisk, one can just feel it.

We have some news for Fisk and his proponents. In the grand design of our world domination we, the Elders, definitely planned a room for so called "dissent". There always will be some grumbling, mostly by the unfortunates who are too stupid or too psyched out to be of any use to our outfit in that grand design. And we must keep on hand a few steam valves, like Indy and Graun in UK, to let these less fortunate to vent their steam, to let their bile flow free, to get it all out, in short. Even a world domination edifice must account for the need of a sewer pipe.

So, Fiskie, enjoy the "freedom" while it lasts. You, being one of the more literate ones, have the good fortune of expressing the frustration of the others of your ilk - the under-brained, the over-drunk, the impotent, the hungry-for-attention. Of course, they have a field day on "comment is free" as well, squeaking to their little black hearts' and minds' content, but you do it better. And in colors.

And do not keep worrying about Johnny Malkovich. He is a nice guy. A bit impulsive at times, but we have explained to him that it is not in our best interests to rub you off. A good trashing may be something completely different, though, so watch out.

Yes, and for enjoyment you may consider reading the comments to the article - just scroll down, at voila - you are in the GUTter!