27 April 2006

Oh, man...

Prison Visitor Allegedly Uses Vagina To Smuggle Live Grenade

The headline is just a tiny bit imprecise, omitting the fact that the visitor has been using her personal vagina for the purpose. Anyway, it left me stunned.

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador -- A Salvadoran woman is in some trouble after she allegedly tried to smuggle into the country's main prison a military grenade and marijuana hidden in her vagina.The cylinder was about 10 inches long and 4 inches wide. Officials didn't say what prompted them to check Lidia Alvarado, 44, but authorities have raised the security level at jails across the country, fearing inmates may be planning something. Alvarado was visiting two inmates serving 25 and 30 years when she was arrested. She now faces drug and weapons charges.Police who inspected the M-67 grenade said it was in working condition.

Grass and explosives make an interesting mix. Maybe Middle East shahids could learn from this example and add some weed to their explosive belts. It may make them groovy and more inclined to live.

About the alleged size of the cylinder, I am afraid that this is a bit of a Latino boastfulness. Here is a picture of the grenade with its dimensions (click to enlarge):

Still, it explains what prompted the guards to check the lady - she was probably walking a bit funny.

In any case, such dedication to the cause boggles one's mind. What's next?

Via: Pillage Idiot