30 April 2006

So this must be fine, then.

A smallish article in JP attracted my wandering attention:

Iranian artillery fired more than 180 shells into northern Iraq, targeting Kurdish rebel bases, the Iraqi government said Sunday. The shells landed near the Iraqi village of Haj Omran, which is about five kilometers (three miles) inside the Iraqi-Iranian border, Iraq's Ministry of Defense said.

I have searched for other articles or a commentary on this one, but aside of the Kurdish source (also with reference to AP), couldn't find any. No indignant peacemongers, no governments' opinions, no NGO's raising their strong, albeit reedy, voices in protest against the obviously unlawful and hardly friendly act by a sovereign nation toward its neighbor. Aside of Kamal Karkouki, deputy speaker of parliament for the Kurdish regional administration, that is.

The most intriguing question: where are all the human right groups in Iran and why don't they follow suit of their Israeli and Palestinian colleagues? Hmm...

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