04 April 2006

The power of prayer?

I have received this from a friend, and the source is unknown, so here:

Being a secular, agnostical, non-kosher Doubting Thomas, I would like to make a few remarks:

  1. The intention of this post is to be non-denominational, any hint in the direction of a specific religion is purely coincidental. Besides, my head isn't worth much anyway.
  2. Being a... (see above), I am not at all sure about the current position of the main religions on the question whether our four-legged friends have souls, so the picture may be theologically interesting.
  3. Besides successfully biting a neighbor or two and refraining from stealing a steak, what will be the additional mitzvot for a canine? If it has a soul, that is.
That's enough. I hope there will not be an additional half an year of riots because of this. But if there will be one, look at the bright side: rioting definitely lets the accumulated steam out, and then you feel calm, refreshed and clean. Like after a sauna and a few beers.

Hat tip: BB