17 April 2006

Lieberman must act against Iran?

Yes, "Lieberman must act against Iran" is one of the headlines of today's on-line edition of JP.

I have looked twice and decided to copy/paste it and add an image of the page as well:

It seems to be the idea of Yaakov Katz, mentioned earlier on that blog already. It figures.

Here is the picture of said Lieberman:

I am not sure that Iranian Ayatollahs and their pet president are able to read physiognomy or employ a person who is. If not, here is my analysis of the situation: gentlemen, you are fucked.

Better get away on the double. Go to Paris, France, where harboring the likes of you is an old tradition and get yourself hidden there.

Avigdor doesn't take no prisoners.

P.S. Yes, KK, I already know that people who write the articles are not usually responsible for the on-line headlines. So what?

Update: the title was changed, it reads now: "Lieberman: We must act against Iran"