22 April 2006

Security and Defense: Is our policy exploding in our faces?

That's one loaded question. And it is asked by no other than our friend Yaakov Katz of Jerusalem post, giving a regular dressing-down to IDF in this article. He is usually deeply dissatisfied with IDF and this is just one example of the way he is giving hell to it.

Mr. Katz is so full of knowledge and expertise on all matters military that it is a surprise all our successive governments keep circumventing this clearly superior candidate for chief of staff.

Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz - whose stated goal has not been to eradicate terror, but to reduce it to a tolerable minimum - has so far decided to keep ground forces out of the Gaza Strip and to continue using long-distance precision strikes, such as artillery cannons and IAF fighter jets.

Yes, we know that from a JP keyboard it is much easier done than from the Halutz' office. And if you ask how, here is a piece of advice:

Four years ago, following the Pessah suicide bombing in Netanya's Park Hotel, Operation Defensive Shield was launched. It created an almost permanent militarily presence in the West Bank and brought about a drastic decrease in the number of suicide bombings. In contrast, the current campaigns in the Islamic Jihad's backyard in Nablus and Jenin (home of Monday's bomber) - "New Spring" in Nablus and "Tiger's Den" in northern Samaria - have officers claiming that the terror groups are not being penetrated as much as the army would have liked.

Clear now? "Officers claiming", eh? In general, the article is so peppered by the references to unnamed officers in general and General Staff in particular that I can easily imagine how Mr. Katz is frantically trying to keep up with all these phone calls from the agitated generals who cannot wait to open their hearts and minds to him.

NEVERTHELESS, AND despite some calls from within the IDF General Staff for a Defensive Shield-like operation in Samaria that would place tanks in downtown Nablus, Interim Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz have decided that Israel's response to Monday's attack would be in keeping with the current "precision-strike" approach.

And who has the real answer to al our problems, according to Mr. Katz? See for yourself:

WHILE OLMERT and defense chiefs scratched their heads to come up with the right response to Monday's attack and measures to prevent the next one, settlers in the West Bank and evacuees from Gaza were attributing the upsurge in terror to the government's policies of disengagement and "convergence."

That's another untouched spring of military wisdom "Olmert and defense chiefs" do not drink from (that in addition to Mr. Katz himself, of course).

Do you know what ROFLMAO means, Mr, Katz? Look it up in a dictionary. Meanwhile, being a goodhearted fellow, I shall show you my tomcat's response to your article:

The poor guy almost blew his lunch laughing. You can see him totally exhausted after rolling around for so long.

A regular comic that Yaakov Katz is, I declare. Did I mention that he is full of military knowledge? Well, this is not the only stuff he is full of.